Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beach House Concert

My sister and I love this band, they were in Mexico city last year and we got tickets as soon as they came out which was a couple of months before the actual show. My sister got them and kept them in a drawer. The week of the concert arrived and we struggled fitting it with our work schedules. She lives 4 hours north form Mexico city and I live 45 minutes north from her and work 45 minutes north from where I live. We had a long day traveling. We arrived in Mexico city during rush hour and had to drop our bags before heading to the concert, we were getting stressed and finally pulled the tickets out to check the time it started. My sister read the ticket and her eyes got wide and she started tearing up a little bit and could not talk to me, when she finally did it was to announce that the concert had been a day before and that we didn't have to rush anymore... she had checked the LastFM page for the event earlier on the week and they had the date wrong. Her heart broke a little bit and I am not sure it has healed.

I got tickets for their show in Nashville, TN from my man This year as my birthday present. It was great, they sound even better life and the venue was pretty cool; Marathon Works Music previously a car repair shop, I think. I took some photos and got a t-shirt for my sister, she will see them soon at some festival in Mexico.

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